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Hard Rock is High-Strength, High-Expansion Die Stone

Hard Rock Lab Stone

Green Hard Rock Dental Stone


Aqua Hard Rock Die Stone


Ivory Hard Rock Dental Stone



Hard Rock is High-Strength, High-Expansion Die Stone

The material is compatible with all types of impression materials. Its high expansion makes it especially suited for polyvinyl or polyether impression materials. This material has a creamy and thixotropic consistency for good flow under vibration, yet is very stackable. Its extended working time facilitates multiple pours. The stone has a smooth non-brittle surface so dies trim easily without chipping.


ISO Type 5

Physical Properties of Hard Rock Die Stone
 Water/Powder Ratio  21 mL/100 g
 Working Time  6 - 8 minutes
 Setting Time  15 minutes
 Setting Expansion  0.28%
 Compressive Strength, Wet (1hr.)  7,000 psi (49 MPa)
 Compressive Strength, Dry (48 hrs.)  15,000 psi (104 MPa)
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Item No. Description Price
32077 Green, 120 - 70g Preweighed Envelopes $79.87
26530 Aqua, 25 kg (55 lb.) Carton $66.28
32069 Green, 25 kg (55 lb.) Carton $66.28
34002 Ivory, 25 kg (55 lb.) Carton $66.28