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Defend Trap-Ez Disposable Evacuation Traps: Starlight Dental


Disposable Evacuation Traps

Disposable Evacuation Traps


The Defend Trap-Ez disposable filters are designed to replace the trap presently in your evacuation unit or cuspidor. They reduce the possibility of infection and contamination, while improving the performance of your evacuation system.

  • DT-5501 Fits Adec models with black plastic canisters, plus newer models by Ampco, Belmont, DCI, Forest, Marus, MDT, & Schein – Diameter 2 1/8”
  • DT-5502 Fits Adec models with metal canisters – Diameter 2 ¼”
  • DT-5503 Fits Ampco, Belmont, Biotec, Chayes, Dabi-Alante, Dansereau, DCI, Dental-EZ, Dentech, Forest, Knight, Pelton & Crane, Proma and others – Diameter 1 7/8”
  • DT-5508S Fits all saliva ejectors – Diameter Universal
  • DT-5509 Fits DCI / Belmont Reality models, System 6000 models – Diameter 1 ½”
  • DT-6100C Fits most cuspidor bowls including Adec, Ampco, Belmont, Dabi-Alante, Dansereau, DCI, Dental-EZ, Forest, Knight, Marus, MDT, Proma, Ritter & Schein – Diameter Universal
  • DT-6200C Fits Siemens, Planmeca, and many cuspidors with smaller diameter openings – Diameter Universal for smaller openings
  • DT-HVE Fits as a “cap” on all standard high volume evacuator tips – Diameter Universal
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Trap-EZ Disposable Evacuation Traps